Simson Cards Secure File Transfer

Simson Cards now have a new simple and secure method to transfer your digital files.
With our new secure site, you are able to create your own password protected space to
upload your files to, this means only YOU and SIMSON CARDS have access to the files.
To upload your files to Simson Cards, please follow these simple instructions:

• Go to the Simson Cards website:
• Click on the "File Transfer" button

2. Create a New Account/Login
• Click "Create Account"
• Fill out the form and submit. (Your email address will be verified by
• You will receive an email from, click on the link to confirm your email address.
• Your account will be then approved by Simson Cards. You will then receive our confirmation by email.
*Once approved, you can login to your account using your username and password.

3. Upload Your Files
• Log in to your new account. Enter your user name and password and click Log in
• Choose your files for upload. NB. You will need to compress all folders into a ".zip" file.
• Click "Begin Upload".
• A status bar will show how your upload is progressing

To Log Out, simply click on "My Account", then click "Log Out".