What We Are Looking For
Simson Cards prides itself on its signature contemporary product range borne out of its ability to tap into to the current trends of the day. If you think your artwork reflects the current trends, and believe it caters for the 14 to 40 year old demographic, then send your design ideas to us.

The Review Process
The first step is to send examples of your work to us for review. Send two examples of your work as a low-resolution file (PDF, jpg, gif format) so they are easy to open and view. Send these to . (Total Maximum file size 2MB).

Alternatively you can send artwork and résumé to:
Julie Kluwer
Design Development Manager
Simson Greeting Cards,
PO Box 429, Altona North,
VIC 3025, Australia

DO NOT send any original art by post.

We cannot be held responsible for original artworks.
If you want your submission returned to you then you must include a stamped self addressed envelope that will fit your submission. All submissions that do not arrive with a Stamped addressed envelope will be destroyed.

You should expect to hear from us within 4 weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at

Artwork Copyright & Design Ownership
Simson only publishes artwork to which it has the legal right to do so. Unless an artist sells their copyright to Simson, the Artists retains ownership in their artwork.